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Curriculum Documents

Folder JCS Curriculum and Pacing Guides (192 Files)
Sub Folder Grades K - 8: ELA 2016-2017 (63 Files)
Download Kindergarten - Assessed Q1
Download Kindergarten - Assessed Q2
Download Kindergarten - Assessed Q3
Download Kindergarten - Assessed Q4
Download Kindergarten - Intorduced Q1
Download Kindergarten - Introduced Q2
Download Kindergarten - Introduced Q3
Download Kindergarten - Introduced Q4
Download Kindergarten - Not Assessed
Download Kindergarten - Not Introduced
Download 1st Grade - Assessed Q1
Download 1st Grade - Assessed Q2
Download 1st Grade - Assessed Q3
Download 1st Grade - Assessed Q4
Download 1st Grade - Introduced Q1
Download 1st Grade - Introduced Q2
Download 1st Grade - Introduced Q3
Download 1st Grade - Introduced Q4
Download 1st Grade - Not Assessed
Download 1st Grade Not Introduced
Download 2nd Grade - Assessed Q1
Download 2nd Grade - Assessed Q2
Download 2nd Grade - Assessed Q3
Download 2nd Grade - Assessed Q4
Download 2nd Grade - Introduced Q1
Download 2nd Grade - Introduced Q2
Download 2nd Grade - Introduced Q3
Download 2nd Grade - Introduced Q4
Download 2nd Grade - Not Assessed
Download 2nd Grade - Not Introduced
Download 3rd Grade - Assessed Q1
Download 3rd Grade - Assessed Q2
Download 3rd Grade - Assessed Q3
Download 3rd Grade - Assessed Q4
Download 3rd Grade - Introduced Q1
Download 3rd Grade - Introduced Q2
Download 3rd Grade - Introduced Q3
Download 3rd Grade - Introduced Q4
Download 3rd Grade - Not Assessed
Download 3rd Grade - Not Introduced
Download 4th Grade - Assessed Q1
Download 4th Grade - Assessed Q2
Download 4th Grade - Assessed Q3
Download 4th Grade - Assessed Q4
Download 4th Grade - Introduced Q1
Download 4th Grade - Introduced Q2
Download 4th Grade - Introduced Q3
Download 4th Grade - Introduced Q4
Download 4th Grade - Not Assessed
Download 4th Grade - Not Introduced
Download 5th Grade - Assessed Q1
Download 5th Grade - Assessed Q2
Download 5th Grade - Assessed Q3
Download 5th Grade - Assessed Q4
Download 5th Grade - Introduced Q1
Download 5th Grade - Introduced Q2
Download 5th Grade - Introduced Q3
Download 5th Grade - Introduced Q4
Download 5th Grade - Not Assessed
Download 5th Grade - Not Introduced
Download 6th Grade ELA
Download 7th Grade ELA
Download 8th Grade ELA
Sub Folder Grades K - 8: Math 2016-2017 (18 Files)
Download Kindergarten Grade Curriculum Guide 2016-2017
Download Kindergarten Grade EnVision 2.0 Pacing Guide
Download 1st Grade Curriculum Guide 2016-2017
Download 1st Grade EnVision 2.0 Pacing Guide
Download 2nd Grade Curriculum Guide 2016-2017
Download 2nd Grade EnVision 2.0 Pacing Guide
Download 3rd Grade Curriculum Guide 2016-2017
Download 3rd Grade EnVision 2.0 Pacing Guide
Download 4th Grade Curriculum Guide 2016-2017
Download 4th Grade EnVision 2.0 Pacing Guide
Download 5th Grade Curriculum Guide 2016-2017
Download 5th Grade EnVision 2.0 Pacing Guide
Download 6th Grade Pacing Guide
Download 6th Grade Syllabus
Download 7th Grade Pacing Guide
Download 7th Grade Syllabus
Download 8th Grade Pacing Guide
Download 8th Grade Syllabus
Sub Folder Grades K - 8: Science 2016-2017 (3 Files)
Download 6th Grade Science
Download 7th Grade Science
Download 8th Grade Science
Sub Folder Grades K - 8: Social Studies 2016-2017 (3 Files)
Download 6th Grade Social Studies
Download 7th Grade Social Studies
Download 8th Grade Social Studies
Sub Folder Grades 9 - 12: All Subjects 2016-2017 (96 Files)
Download ACT Prep.pdf
Download Advanced Design Applications.pdf
Download Agriculture Business and Finance.pdf
Download Agriculture Power and Equipment.pdf
Download Agriscience.pdf
Download Algebra I.pdf
Download Algebra II.pdf
Download American Business Legal Systems.pdf
Download Ancient History.pdf
Download AP Art.pdf
Download AP Biology.pdf
Download AP Calculus.pdf
Download AP Chemistry.pdf
Download AP English Literature.pdf
Download AP European History.pdf
Download AP Human Geography.pdf
Download AP Music Theory.pdf
Download AP Physics.pdf
Download AP Statistics.pdf
Download AP_Drawing_and_2D_Design.pdf
Download AP_Language_and_US_History.pdf
Download AP_World_History.pdf
Download Applied Environmental Science.pdf
Download Art 2.pdf
Download ART I.pdf
Download Art IV.pdf
Download Band.pdf
Download Beginning Band.pdf
Download Bible.pdf
Download Biology II.pdf
Download Bridge Math.pdf
Download Business Economics.pdf
Download Business Management.pdf
Download Career Explorations.pdf
Download Chemistry 1.pdf
Download Chemistry II.pdf
Download Choral Music.pdf
Download Contemporary Issues.pdf
Download CPR.pdf
Download Creative Writing.pdf
Download Design Principles of Cosmetology.pdf
Download Digtal Design 1.pdf
Download Digtal Design 2.pdf
Download Economics.pdf
Download English 10.pdf
Download English 12.pdf
Download English 9.pdf
Download English III.pdf
Download ESL.pdf
Download ETETA_Agenda_-_September_2015.pdf
Download Family Studies.pdf
Download Financial Planning.pdf
Download Foundations of Technology.pdf
Download French I.pdf
Download French II.pdf
Download Fundementals of Construction.pdf
Download Fundementals of Education.pdf
Download Geometry.pdf
Download German 3 and AP 4.pdf
Download German 1.pdf
Download German 2.pdf
Download Health Science.pdf
Download Intrduction to Human Studies.pdf
Download Introduction to Business Marketing.pdf
Download JROTC.pdf
Download Large Animal Science.pdf
Download Life Skills.pdf
Download Lifespan Development.pdf
Download Lifetime Wellness.pdf
Download Marketing I.pdf
Download Nutrition Across The Lifespan.pdf
Download PE_Individual_and_Dual_Sport.pdf
Download Personal Finance.pdf
Download Physical Science.pdf
Download Physical_Education_I_and_II.pdf
Download Physics I.pdf
Download Poetry.pdf
Download Principles of Cosmetology.pdf
Download Programming and Logic 1.pdf
Download Psychology.pdf
Download Response to Intervention.pdf
Download Service-Learning.pdf
Download Sociology.pdf
Download Spanish I.pdf
Download Spanish II.pdf
Download Sports Training.pdf
Download Statistics.pdf
Download Structural Systems I.pdf
Download Tap II.pdf
Download Technological Design.pdf
Download US Government.pdf
Download US_History_and_Geography.pdf
Download Web Site Foundations.pdf
Download World History and Geography.pdf
Folder JCS Protected Reading Lists (4 Files)
Download Middle_School_Protected_Reading_2016-2017.pdf
Download Protected_Rdg_List_HS_English_12.pdf
Download Protected_Rdg_List_HS_ENGLISH_9_10.pdf
Download Protected_Reading_List_HS_English_11.pdf
Folder Master K-12 Textbook List (1 Files)
Download 2016 Master Textbook List
Folder Mid Term Forms (2 Files)
Download Grades 1-2 Midterm.doc
Download Kindergarten Midterm.doc
Folder Teacher Planning & Evaluation (3 Files)
Download JCS TEAM Lesson Plan.docx
Download JCS Walk-Through Evaluation Form.doc
Download Professionalism guiding questions.docx
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