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Topic Department Phone
Assessment Central Office 865-397-3194
Attendance and Student Information Systems Student Support 865-397-4468
Coordinated School Health Student Support 865-397-3194
Curriculum and Accountability Central Office 865-397-3194
Dandridge Elementary School Schools 865-397-3127
Director of Schools Central Office 865-397-3194
Dynamic Curriculum Instructional Technology 865-397-6398
ESL Program Central Office 865-397-3194
Exceptional Children Services Central Office 865-397-7024
Facilities and Maintenance Facilities and Maintenance 865-397-3436
Family Resource Center Student Support 865-397-4466
Federal Programs Central Office 865-397-3194
Finance Finance 865-397-4922
Jefferson Academy Schools 865-475-5007
Jefferson County High School Schools 865-397-3182
Jefferson Elementary School Schools 865-475-4712
Jefferson Middle School Schools 865-475-6133
Maury Middle School Schools 865-397-3424
Mt. Horeb Elementary School Schools 865-397-9472
New Market Elementary School Schools 865-475-3551
Oakland Adult High School Student Support 865-397-3656
Patriot Academy (JCHS Freshman Campus) Schools 865-397-2460
Piedmont Elementary School Schools 865-397-2939
Professional Development Center Instructional Technology 865-397-6398
Rush Strong School Schools 865-933-5313
School Age Child Care Student Support 865-397-3194
STEM Central Office 865-397-6398
Student Nutrition Student Nutrition 865-397-3945
Talbott Elementary School Schools 865-475-2988
Technology Department Facilities and Maintenance 865-397-6235
Technology Systems Facilities and Maintenance 865-397-3436
Transportation Transportation 865-397-2139
Vision and Hearing Screening Student Support 865-397-3194
White Pine School Schools 865-674-2597