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In Service and Staff Development Records



For your convenience, we have posted In Service and Professional Development Training records as offered by the district.  It is the responsibility of the educator to keep in your personal files a record of Professional Development and Inservice activities.  ONLY self-selected Inservice activities can be used for license renewal.

The records are indexed by the school calendar year.  The link below will first take you to the Office 365 login page.  Once logged in, click on your "Shared With Everyone" folder.  You will then see a folder for the years 2011-2012 through the current year.  The spreadsheet titled "System Wide Professional Development" in each folder contains records for all PD and In Service that is part of the regular school calendar.

If you need to access records prior to 2011-12, please contact Connie Lemons, lemonsc@k12tn.net.


2013-2014 Professional Development Records 


2012-2013 Professional Development Records


2011-2012 Professional Development Records