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Teacher Induction Program
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2016-2017 Mentor Notebook

Welcome to Jefferson County Schools!  We are proud that you have joined us in our efforts to educate the future leaders of East Tennessee.  The mission of Jefferson County Schools is "Success & Productivity for Every Student" and with the support of our educators we can do just that!

We are dedicated to making your first year in Jefferson County Schools most memorable for you and your students.  Our Mentoring Coordinator, Carol Baker, and our dedicated mentors are willing and anxious to assist you in any way.

Teaching presents a particular challenge as a profession because so much of its success is based on human interaction.  Only through some immersion into school cultures can educators grasp its overt as well as underlying dynamics and rhythms.  The Teacher Induction Program hopes to help teachers more effortlessly acculturate so that they may accomplish the overall goal of educating Jefferson County Schools' students. 



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