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Bus Rider Rules and Regulations
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Please discuss rules and regulations with your child and keep them for your records.


 PRIOR TO LOADING (on the road and at school)

1.       Be on time and at the designated bus stop 5 minutes prior to the arrival of the bus. All students must be out of car/house and ready to board the bus without delay. Buses are on time schedules and cannot wait.

2.       Stay off the road at all times while waiting for the bus.

3.       Wait until the bus comes to a complete stop and look for the signal by the driver to board before attempting to enter.

4.       Do not move toward the bus at the school loading zone until it has been brought to a complete stop.

5.       PLEASE NOTE: In the morning, no student may get off the bus at any point between the pick-up point and school. In the afternoon, 1) a student wishing to get off the bus between school and their pick-up point must present the bus driver with a note of authorization from the parent OR the principal of the school that the student attends; 2) any student wishing to ride a bus other than his/her designated bus must have written parental permission AND the approval of the principal or his/her designee. (School Board Policy 6.308).

6.       After three (3) consecutive days of a student not riding the bus, parents/guardians will need to call to have transportation reinstated.


1.        Your bus driver is in charge. Insubordination will not be tolerated. The bus driver is authorized to assign seats and require all students to be quiet and follow the same rules as in a classroom. No eating/drinking/gum is allowed on the bus. No profanity/tobacco products/E-cigs/drugs/alcohol/weapons or inappropriate sexual behavior will be tolerated.

2.        Take your seat and stay there... moving around can be dangerous to you and to others.

3.        Bus seats are designed for three (3) people; if necessary, share your seat with any other two (2) pupils.

4.        Face the front. You can get hurt more easily during a sudden stop if you are facing the rear.

5.        Keep your hands and head inside the bus at all times. No item is to be thrown in the bus or out of the bus windows.

6.        Assist in keeping the bus clean and safe at all times.

7.        Remember that loud talking, laughter or unnecessary confusion diverts the driver’s attention and may result in an accident. Bullying/intimidation/harassment of any kind will not be tolerated. (School Board Policy 6.304)

8.        Vandalism will be dealt with in accordance with discipline procedures. Damage to the seats, etc. must be paid for by the offender. (School Board Policy 6.311)

9.        Bus riders should never tamper with the bus or any of its equipment.

10.    Keep all personal belongings, coats, books, musical instruments etc. in your lap and seat area. Keep the aisle clear.

11.    NOTE: Per Board policy, students may not make use of cell phones/cameras while on the bus which is an extension of their classroom. (School Board Policy 6.308 and 6.312)

12.    Do not spray substances of any type which include perfumes and hand sanitizers due to allergies and asthma reactions. Do not carry hazardous material, over-size projects, or animals/insects on the bus.

13.    Be absolutely quiet when bus approaches a railroad crossing.

14.    During emergencies, remain calm and follow the instructions of the bus driver and or/emergency personnel.

15.    A pupil shall become ineligible for pupil transportation when their behavior is such as to cause dissension on a school bus, or when they disobey state or local rules and regulations pertaining to pupil transportation.

16.    A pupil may be suspended from riding a bus by the school principal or director of schools.

17.    Jefferson County Schools Dress Code shall be enforced on the bus.



1.       After getting off the bus, wait for a signal from the driver and cross the road at least ten (10) feet in front of the bus. Never go beside or behind the bus. Remember the danger zones are all around the bus. If you can’t see the driver, then he or she cannot see you.

2.       The driver will not discharge riders at places other than the regular bus stop at home or at school unless by proper authorization from parents or school officials. See # 5 under” Previous to Loading” (School Board Policy 6.308)



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