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Post-Secondary Transition
Guide to a Focused Plan of Study



Preparing for the


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For special education purposes, transition is the change from secondary education to post-secondary programs, work, and independent living. Transition services aid students in this process through a coordinated set of activities that are designed within a results-oriented process., which promotes movement from school to post-school activities including: measurable post-secondary goals in:

  • Postsecondary education/training

  • Employment

  • Independent or supported living

  • Community involvement

  • Based upon the individual student’s strengths, preferences, and interests

  • Includes instruction, related services, community experiences, employment and/or adult living objectives and, when appropriate daily living skills

  • Objectives and functional vocational evaluation




Joy Rhea, JCHS (jrhea@jcboe.net)



Work Based Learning


Richie Green, JCHS (rgreen@jcboe.net)