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RTI2 District Intervention Team 2015-2016:

Chair and Literacy Curriculum Specialist:  Susan Roberts

Math Curriculum Specialist:  Pat Wilder

Elementary Supervisor:  Sherry Finchum

MS/HS Supervisor:  Dominique Davis

Director of Special Education:  Tammy Bowlin

School Psychologist:  Amanda Doty

Elementary Administrators:  Tommy Arnold (DES), Kristi Waltke (PES), and Craig Day (JES)

Middle School Administrator:  Michelle Walker (MMS) and Jerry Bouler (K-8 @ RSS) 

Instructional Coaches:  Laura McClellan (MHS), Susan Patterson (WPS), Melissa Barbee (TES), and Sandi Ramey (NMS)

Middle School Literacy Coach:  Jerri Brock


Purpose:  As outlined in the SDE’s Roles and Responsibilities of the team, the focus will be on instruction and intervention practices, assessment protocols, data, fidelity, and guidelines for professional development.  Meetings are scheduled quarterly with additional meetings only as necessary.