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Math in Jefferson County


2015-2016 Instructional Resources Aligned to TN State Standards


Elementary Resources Middle  School Resources High School Resources
edcite  edcite edcite 
 LearnZillion LearnZillion  LearnZillion 
 TenMarks  TenMarks TenMarks 
 MobyMax MobyMax   MobyMax
Illuminations Illuminations Illuminations 
 Inside Mathematics Inside Mathematics  Inside Mathematics 
 eduToolbox eduToolbox eduToolbox 
NYC Dept. Of Education   NYC Dept. of Education NYC Dept. of Education 
 Achieve the CORE Achieve the CORE  Achieve the CORE 
 Engage New York Engage New York  Engage New York 
Carroll County Public Schools  Carroll County Public Schools  Carroll County Schools 
mathworksheetsland mathworksheetsland mathworksheetland 
 BrainPop BrainPop   
 YummyMath YummyMath   YummyMath
IXL Math IXL Math IXL Math
 Promethean Planet Promethean Planet   Promethean Planet
Common Core Sheets Common Core Sheets Common Core Sheets



Pacing Guides


K - 2 Kindergarten First Second
 3 - 5  Third  Fourth  Fifth
 6 - 8  Sixth  Seventh  Eighth






This website is published by the math specialist and math coaches of Jefferson County.  On our website, you will find resources and links that will support math instruction in the classroom.